Add Bonus Campaign

You can add your bonus campaign for just 69 € a month. The minimum period for a bonus campaign is 3 months.


We only allow 8 listings in each section for more visitors’ attention. That is a decisive advantage for your business because potential clients are not confused by huge bonus listings like on other websites:

  • 1st Position - 299 €/month

  • 2nd Position - 249 €/month

  • 3rd Position - 199 €/month

  • 4th Position - 149 €/month

  • 5th Position - 99 €/month

  • 6th Position - 89 €/month
  • 7th Position - 79 €/month
  • 8th Position - 69 €/month

For each of the 8 positions you will get the following space which can be designed according to your needs: max. 80 charactes per line, max. 10 lines for each listing. For each bonus campaign you will get posts in our Forex Facebook groups with over 500.000 members! 


"Bonus Of The Month" Button and own promotion page: 399 €/month (minimum promoting period is 2 months)


Terms & Conditions

- We accept wire transfer

- We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any campaign

- We take payment up-front for all campaigns. All payments are final, no refund

- Promotioners take full responsibility for their campaign


- All prices can be changed without any notice


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